areas of expertise

* Substantially reducing delinquency in all aging categories 30+, 60+, 90+, and beyond

* Organizing credit and collection policies, practices and procedures

* Establishing sound, flexible and effective credit and collection programs 

* Training and supervision of collection personnel, enabling them to:

* Reduce delinquency

* Maintain and increase "cash flow"

* Retain customer relationships to promote sales

* Evaluation/audit of third party agents (collection agency)

* Determine quality of results and appropriateness of cost (fees)

* Credit Application Performance Evaluation  (CAPE-SCORE)

* Know, in advance, how your customers are going to pay you

* Fees never exceed 10% of what achieved 

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An alternative concept to your receivables program

On-Site (Your Office) Receivables Management (Collections)

Increase "Cash Flow"

Reduce Collection Cost

Maintain Customer Relationships

Increase Profitability

Proud member, Tri-Village Chamber Partnership

"Be Proud of what you sell and never be ashamed to ask for your money"

Joseph Cape

Credit/Collections  Expert



Close the deal

Give customers a reason to do business with you.