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On Site Receivables Management

  Unique solutions to increase profitability, reduce collection cost, maintain customer relationships.

Cape-Able Consultants provides "on site" (in your office/transparent) receivables management and control (collection) services to help your business increase cash flow and put money in the bank sooner.

Cape-Able Consultants helps close the gap between delivering products and services and receiving payment.

Cape-Able Consultants allows you to have your own experienced, professional (25+ years) credit/collections expert working side by side with you and your people to achieve the desired results.

Money in the bank is better than money on the books 

Typical Program

Step One:  Cape-Able Consultants meets with you to determine your wants and needs.

Step Two:  CC will submit a propopsal outlining the project objectives, suggesting a time frame and hours required to complete the project.  (The propopsal is based on information developed in the initial interview in step one)

Step Three:  Cape-Able Consultants and you will agree to move forward with the project and establish a start date.

Step Four:  Upon completion of the project, Cape-Able Consultants will submit a report of the results and any necessary recommendations for future actions.

Cape-Able Consultants uses a "relationship collecting" method, which lowers the risk of negative repurcussions, maintains sensitive client/customer relationships and promotes continuing business. (SALES) 


All Cape-Able Consultants agreements are "open ended" and may be terminated at any time. (one day notice suggested)  

Bill as much as you can - as soon as you can


 * 15 years experience in the collection agency business with an international company ranked in the top three in the industry.

* 12 years experience in commercial credit and collections working for diverse companies as a credit/collection manager and accounts receivable manager.

* President of a collection agency

* Worked in sales as a regional sales manager and supervised 10 branches in both operations (collections) and sales

* Positions held include:  Vice President, Regional Sales/Operations Manager, Collection Manager, Trainer, Collection Supervisor, Collector

The cheapest place to borrow money is from the people you owe it to

About Us

About Us

An alternative concept to your receivables program

On Site (Your Office)

Receivables Management (Collections)

Increase "Cash Flow"

Reduce Collection Cost

Maintain Customer Relationships

Increase Profitability

Joseph G. Cape

Credit/Collections Expert

Columbus, Ohio



"Be proud of what you sell and never be ashamed to ask for your money"

Proud member Tri-Village Chamber Partnership

Areas Of Expertise

 Substantially reducing delinquency in all aging categories 30+, 60+, 90+ and beyond

Organizing credit and collection policies, practices, and procedures

Establishing sound, flexible and effective credit and collection programs

Training and supervision of collection personnel, enabling them to:

Reduce delinquency

Maintain and increase "cash flow"

Retain cuastomer relationships to promote sales

Evaluation/audit of third party agents (collection agency)

Determine quality of results and appropriateness of cost (fees)

Credit Application Performance Evaluation (CAPE-SCORE) Know, in advance, how your customers are going to pay you

You must have a high/low credit policy

Fees never exceed 10% of what achieved 


Give customers a reason to do business with you.

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