Cape-Able Consultants

Step One: Cape-Able Consultants meets with you to determine your wants and needs.

Step Two: Cape-Able Consultants will submit a proposal outlining the project objectives, suggesting a time frame and hours required to complete the project. (The proposal is based on information developed in the initial interview in step one.)

Step Three: Cape-Able Consultants and you will agree to move forward with the project and establish a start date.

Step Four: Upon completion of the project, Cape-Able Consultants will submit a report of the results and any necessary recommendations for future actions.

Cape-Able Consultants uses a “relationship collecting” method, which lowers the risk of negative repercussions, maintains sensitive client/customer relationships, and promotes continuing business. (SALES!!)

All Cape-Able Consultants agreements are “open-ended” and may be terminated at any time. (One day notice suggested.)

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